View From the Edge

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ISBN13: 978-0-7414-7097-3


“I’ve been there with my books and bones. And what has it given me? A bad marriage and a visit to the nut house.” So says Joshua Feenics, a University Professor recovering from a psychotic breakdown. He returns to work only to face a dull life without meaning or purpose. His wife is having an affair, and he cannot erase the nightmares about his brutalized childhood. To make matters worse, his students are embroiled in a cult, while the University sinks into a national scandal. Someone wants to kill Joshua; the thriller unravels to find out who and why?


View From The Edge is an Indie Reader Discovery Award Winner!

View From The Edge is The Written Art Awards winner for General Fiction!

"Award-winning author Michael Kasenow captures the nightmare of horror and the results of parental abuse in his mystery thriller View From The Edge. Kasenow uses fiction as a medium to alert his reader to the lasting impact of childhood abuse and the resultant low self-esteem.

"His writing takes on another mark of authenticity through the lessons he learned while traveling around the country where he met a variety of colorful personalities, “mystical vagabonds, and drifters.” Kasenow’s writing reflects the style of Steinbeck, O’Neill, Fitzgerald, Maugham, and many others.

"The graphic reality of View From the Edge by Michael Kasenow will resonate with anyone who has experienced the emptiness of the death of emotions resulting from parental abuse, or spousal betrayal and will provide insight into the depth of horror experienced by the victims of such abuse and mental illness as a result of their personal pain and hopelessness."
— Richard Blake, Reader Views

"The book progresses at a relentless pace, culminating in Feenics’ confirmed suspicions about big, impending plans surrounding his position at the university, and a painful, almost deadly revelation of his wife’s true nature. Yet, when the mist clears, the character experiences a healing of sorts that ushers in the peace that eluded him most of his life.

"Kasenow’s vivid description allows readers to lose themselves in scenery and the multitude of characters woven into the tale. View from the Edge is solid literary entertainment from the first page. A subtle plot line provides plenty of dips and twists to keep the reader engrossed until the end. All in all, Kasenow serves up a perfect read to curl up with on rainy day."
— Recommended by The US Review of Books

"Disappointment is nowhere to be found in Michael Kasenow’s masterpiece of a novel, View From the Edge!

"Michael Kasenow is the ultimate spin-doctor of a brilliant plot and storyline in View from the Edge. His phenomenal range of credible characters have unique individuality as well as the perfect blend of misfits when united for one of their college campus faculty meetings. Kasenow demonstrates from beginning to end that he knows how to find the power in each and every word and there is no mistaking he has placed them exactly where he meant to place them. It is no wonder he has received accolades such as ‘award winning,’ and ‘critically acclaimed.’ In my humble opinion, he has earned admirable recognition once again in this latest novel; a must read and a perfect example of how a best selling contender should play out. I am a voracious reader and when I burn through three hundred pages in less than 24 hours, that’s more than a ‘good read’ in my opinion. Well done Mr. Kasenow."
Feathered Quill Book Reviews

"When I started reading this novel I did not want it to end, I absolutely loved this book. Reading the authors background it is evident that he has drawn on all his life experiences to produce an excellent novel.

"The authors style of writing and language is really easy to follow and understand. The book has an excellent twist towards the end on two fronts, which adds even further enjoyment to an already excellent read. I think the main reason that I enjoyed and relished this novel was that I could see a lot of myself in the main character. This is a novel that I would strongly recommend to anyone and I hope that the author will produce more work along similar lines."
Beck Valley Books

"View from the Edge is a well-written novel of a fascinating, intelligent man who has survived much and the complex world in which he finds himself again looking at survival. The poetry Joshua has written is inserted in the text and it in itself is first-rate. Joshua’s dialogue with Holly Hayes, his part-time lecturer, with Liz, his departmental secretary, and with creative, quirky student Dyce and with other professors such as the ambitious Annachie and college officials is totally believable and adds to the story. Joshua’s relationship with his beloved son, Blake, and with his off again/maybe on again marriage works well within the storyline. The plot moves credibly to the story’s somewhat surprising conclusion. View from the Edge is a remarkable book that readers everywhere should read and absorb."
— Alice D for Readers Favorite Book Reviews

"View from the Edge by Michael Kasenow is the sort of novel that smacks you in the face. It is an immensely powerful book.

"The book is populated by rounded, complicated, flawed characters. The hero/anti-hero Josh patiently sorts out petty and major problems at the university and is an attractive, likeable man. He copes but suffers. Such contradictions run throughout the book. The tone is angry and violent at times, but tender and humorous at others, even romantic. There is despair but optimism, as well as deception and betrayal but also love and loyalty. Kasenow shows great versatility in his writing and conjures up action and emotions that keep the reader hooked. It is moving and shocking at the same time. In short, View from the Edge is a book you must read."
— Stephanie D for Readers Favorite Book Review

"Michael Kasenow’s poetic writing style helps to draw the reader into this absorbing story of angst on a college campus.

"Mr. Kasenow is a novelist, poet and scientist who teaches geology at Eastern Michigan University. His revelations about academic life are engrossing and realistic. The story of one man’s tortured existence unravels in bits and pieces until the parts come together into a cohesive picture. Solid writing makes this worth a read."
— Amy Edelman, Indie Reader Review

"The bulk of the book is set on the college campus and involves an interesting cast of players. One of my favorite parts of the book is in the beginning when Joshua is in his office and is bombarded with a deluge of complaints from faculty and students. I can vividly picture one person after another walking into the office and airing their grievances. From Charlotte-the-Liar to Johnny Dyce. Kasenow writes in a manner that makes the characters unique and memorable.

"View from the Edge is a unique novel and the plot flows well from the beginning of the book until the suspenseful conclusion. I enjoyed Kasenow’s writing style. The author’s prior writing experience and his familiarity with the world of academia makes for an intriguing read."
— Kim Aures for Rebecca’s Reads


“Christ—Christ, oh Christ.” He stared at the winged shadows on the dark ceiling. His arms and legs flat on the damp bed. The air was thick and oppressive. Crickets and frogs stuttered and droned from unseen choirs. Fireflies beamed on the large screens; their tiny beacons pulsating with slow, yellow flashes. Blood that had pulsed and surged through his heart—began to flow smoothly; his breathing consistent and easy. Then came that deep breath, the breath that allowed his senses to gain equilibrium. This is how Lazarus must have felt, he smiled to himself.

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