Michael Kasenow is one of Water Resources Publications highly regarded and respected authors. He is an innovative researcher in the field of aquifer analysis, who actually does “real world” work. He has been certified by the American Institute of Professional Geologists, and was a major player in the organization and development of the current hydrogeology and environmental analysis curriculum at Eastern Michigan University. For two years he was Director of Research for the Southeast Regional Ground Water Education in Michigan Center (SER-GEMS). He is the author or co-author of over 50 scientific publications, and this includes software, books and monographs. His current research is primarily concerned with the estimation of aquifer parameters, and the relationship between lakes, rivers, wetlands and ground water. His books use common language and carefully constructed illustrations, which is important for those of us who think visually. His books have been utilized on virtually every continent, and he continues to develop or improve upon equations and methods that help to quantify our most precious natural resource—freshwater. His Applied Ground-Water Hydrology and Well Hydraulics, is considered to be one of the bibles of the ground-water industry, and is the only hydrogeology book to be awarded five stars at

Michael Kasenow’s science publications include the following books:

Analysis and Design of Step-Drawdown Tests

Applied Ground-Water Hydrology and Well Hydraulic, 2nd Ed

Aquifer Parameter Estimator

Determination of Aquifer Parameters

Easy to Use Tables of Specific Capacity

Easy to Use Theisian Tables ~ 2nd Edition with Applications

Hydrogeology and Hydrogeochemistry of a Northern Bog

Introduction to Aquifer Analysis

Leaky Confined Aquifers

Production Well Analysis – New Methods in Well Hydraulics

Recovery Analysis – New Methods in Well Hydraulics

Theis Made Easy

Introduction to Groundwater

Aquifer Test Data: Analysis and Evaluation

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